MAXTREAT ASK 501 is a high performance organic and polyphosphate liquid Boiler and Cooling Water Antiscalant and corrosion control agent. MAXTREAT ASK 501 is designed for corrosion control in potable water distribution systems and for preventing inorganic mineral scale formation in Boiler water and Cooling Water. Properly used it will minimize system scale and fouling for increased system life and efficiency. MAXTREAT ASK 501 accomplishes this with one easy to use chemical product. MAXTREAT ASK 501 is designed for use in systems with any supply water hardness and alkalinity levels.

MAXTREAT ASK 501 used at low dosage rates can eliminate the need for high dosage rates of acids, alkalis or inorganic materials.. This product greatly reduces scaling potential and deposits that foul water distribution system. It is very effective in controlling corrosion in holding tanks, piping and distribution systems MAXTREAT ASK 501 is very effective in corrosive waters,as well as high hardness, highly alkaline scaling waters. It is a multifunctional material that contains a unique blend of organic and polyphosphate compounds to sequester and disperse contaminants such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, and strontium sulfate from deposition on membranes and other system components.

Boiler and Cooling Water Antiscalant is normally fed continuously to the feeding water. It should be injected by chemical dosing pump from a dilution tank or directly from the drum to the feed water line. The amount of antiscalant required to inhibit scale formation depends on the quality of feed water and plant operating conditions. The specific dosage rates will be specified by the PADMALAYA technical representative.


  •    Prevention of Scaling.
  •    Minimum downtime required for descaling.
  •    Power / Fuel saving upto 70%.
  •    Effective heat transfer and Increase in productivity.