Boiler Feed-water Oxygen Scavenger program


MAXTREAT A L K 503 is a concentrated alkaline treatment for pH control in boilers. MAXTREAT A L K 503 should be used as part of a coordinated treatment program inconjunction with MAXTREAT ASK 501 . MAXTREAT A L K 503 provides the alkaline conditions that allow HARDNESS/PHOSPHATE CONTROL to operate effectively. This is done by neutralizing any acidic conditions and maintaining alkalinity within optimum limits. The product is suitable for use with all boiler pressures.

Result of Use
MAXTREAT A L K 503 ALKALINITY CONTROLLER helps to keep magnesium and calcium salts in suspension and helps in maintaining efficiency and reducing maintenance.

Dosing and Sampling
For optimum results dose directly into the boiler via the bypass pot feeder installed in the boiler water feed line. A representative sample of boiler water must be taken at regular intervals at a frequency adequate for the type of boiler. The sample should be taken immediately following blow down and should be analyzed immediately. MAXTREAT A L K 503 is a part of a coordinated program of Boiler Water Treatment yielding the basic alkalinity upon which successful boiler water treatment depends.