Plastofix PX 100 Polymeric Retarding Composition for Ready-Mix Concrete


Plastofix PX 100 SURFACE RETARDERS are special chemical formulation based on ACRYLIC COPOLYMERS.The polymer is developed for applications in ready-mix concrete batch and regular concrete work batch.Plastofix PX 100 extends period of set retardation and hardens concrete with good strength results.Plastofix PX 100 is chloride free and low alkali.As the product is polymer blended it is compatible with every types of cement .

Uses and Advantages

  • High Performance Concrete Set Retarding
    Maximum Durability and Strength
    Ready-Mix Concrete
    Without Drying Long Distance Transport
    Water Reducing Polymeric Admixture
    Free Flow Concrete Pumping
    Ultimate strength builder
    Efficient Work at any temperatures
    Quality Finished Concrete

Upgraded Concrete Admixture Technology

Plastofix PX 100 is a upgraded version of superplasticiser along with set retarding combination for high performance concrete durability and strength and excellent set retarding ability.Traditional plasticisers based on melamine and sulfonate of napthalenes are not polyelectrolyte and hence get stuck to cement granules resulting in poor retardation and working strength abilities.Plastofix PX 100 is a polyelectrolyte which changes the electrostatic mechanism of cement particles and increases negative charge by polymeric chain.The Polymeric Action of Plastofix PX 100 disperses and stabilizes the cement particles with yields in high performance Ready-Mix Concrete with greatly reduced water consumption.

Typical Properties

Charge cement &aggregates to concrete mixer as per mix design, mix in dry state for 1-2 minutes. Start addition of 75%-80% mixing water &mix for 2-3 minutes. Plastofix P 220 is added as per the recommended dosage into the remaining mixing water. Then add to concrete mixer &mix for another 2 minutes. Discharge the concrete mix to the brick laying machine.

Features & Benefits

ApperanceDark Brown Liquid
Density2.00 + 0.02 @ 25 C
pH value > 8
Chloride Ion Content< 0 %
Solvent Content < 0 %
Hazardous Contents< 0 %

Specification and Direction of Use

High-Conc water reducer polymeric superplasticiser based on acrylic copolymers in combination with retarding activator free of naphthalene sulfonates and melamine and related components.Plastofix PX 100 is highly soluble in water and ready to use liquid in concrete mix.This product is not recommended for use in dry concrete mix and aggregate. After mixing Plastofix PX 100 mixing must be continued for more than one minute or as recommended by technician. .

Dosage(as requirement) 500 mL + For 100 kg of cement

Dosage depends upon concrete mix materials and work site conditions and distance of transpotation.

Effects of over dosage

Permeability is effected and reduced
Settling of concrete is elongated
Increase in air entrainment
Workability is decreased


Plastofix PX 100 is compatible admixture with regular self compacting cements used for concrete mix.It does not have adverse effects if used with proper dose.It must not be used with combination of other naphthalene or melamine based set retarders.The product is eco-friendly and non-hazardous Any types of chloride compounds,solvents or any hazardous chemicals are not used in manufacturing of Plastofix PX 100 This product neither initiates or promotes corrosion on steel used in various types of construction.The concrete mixture remains workable in excess of three hours @25 C.Workability also depends upon tempreture,cement types,aggrigates,etc


PlastoFix P220 is supplied in 50 Kg and 200 Kg Drums.


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