Our proactive customer service, excellence in quality and unparalleled economical products will make us the best producers of Industrial Chemicals . We are totally committed to upgrading social, economic and environmental conditions of mankind.

The story of Shoran Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd goes way back to 1967. We started as a small Textiles intermediate manufacturing unit in India, trying to make a mark in an industry that had mostly international players at that time. With unwavering resolve of a visionary in Mr.S.Mushtaque, the company has gone on to become India’s leading producer of Textile Chemicals,Water Treatment Chemicals,Constructtion Chemicls,Agriculture Additives, Transportation of Fly Ash & Coal with good contributing in nation’s market share. Our organizational strategy is to give best products as we are importing raw materials from china, Korea,Malaysia & some parts of Europe.

Today SCIPT is one of the Top Industrial Chemical and Agro Chemicals producers in the Nation with a global presence in all continents with annual revenues exceeding day by day. Despite its acclaimed success, SCIPT is grounded and adheres to the same values that it did thirty years ago; of clean ethical business practices, continuous innovation, technology upgrades, consistent learning, selfless environmental concerns, and all this while keeping the customer and his needs at the centre of all that we do.

That’s how we at SCIPT have nurtured long term relationships with our clients. Apart from our Directors Mr.Shoaib & Mr.Nooman with unflinching vision, a strong team supported by an able management has also been key to the success of the company. Learning through experience, adhering to process strategies and maintaining superlative standards of manufacturing, SCIPT is poised to become the largest Industrial Chemical manufacturer while evolving into a brand and a company to reckon with.